Our success story started in 1956

when our father began working in the field of marble and granite

Our company is fully prepared and well equipped to deal with highly esteemed companies as we pride ourselves with over forty years of experience in the field we are experienced of both Marble and Granite across a range of levels ranging from supplying to manufacturing and processing to installation.

We possess a capacity that allows us to trade in all types of marble and granite through exporting and importing venues.

Regarding our manufacturing arm, our factories are designed towards state of the art standards with a huge manufacturing capacity and up-to-date machinery which allows us to perform our work with due diligence with the best quality and in accordance to standards.
Our business partners and network also allows us to deliver our work as required in a timely manner and without any delays.

Our Experience

The Company has a long experience since 1956 in the field of manufacturing marble, granite and natural stones.

Our Vision

our vision is to always search for new opportunities and business ventures for our Egyptian Marble and Granite stone, whether in their basic forms or as required by the client with special emphasis on mega projects run by reputable construction companies across the region.


Always strive to serve our valued customers, respect appointments, work credibility, provide advice and useful information to customers, provide high

Keem stone photos of some exhibitions and quarries